My name is Gary and I'm based in Port St. Lucie Florida. I am a one of a kind, moment capturing, professional wedding and portrait photographer. I started my photography career in Massachusetts doing photojournalism in 1991. I was photographing spot news and general assignments for several newspapers. I held a staff position at the Community Advocate in Westborough, Massachusetts for three years. My photographs have been published in many newspapers, including the Eagle-Tribune, The Boston Herald, Middlesex News, The Telegram, Gazette, and The Associated Press.

I had the most rewarding experience of my life when I was a call firefighter and department photographer for both Blackstone, Massachusetts, and Londonderry, New Hampshire.

I have been photographing weddings since 2003. My style of photography is photojournalism, capturing your day from each moment as it unfolds. I have the ability to be ready for the moments that are special, fun, and surprising! I combine a mixture of formal, semi-formal, and candid photographs to tell your story. I can capture everything at your wedding. From the craziness of getting ready for your special day to the shenanigans of the guests, and finally, to the loving glances between the happy couple.

Your wedding day is a special occasion for you, your family and friends. There is a good chance that a lot of your guests will purchase a new suit or outfit and maybe get their hair done specifically to attend. You have planned your wedding and agonized over the details and want everyone to have a good time. This is why it is so important to have a professional wedding photographer that can capture the magical moments of your wedding so that you can experience them over and over again. I hope that you consider me to be your wedding day photographer. I will not disappoint!

Gary Fun Fact’s

I play video games to relax (For the fellow gamers, I am a PC gamer and Twitch Streamer with over 600 followers.

Favorite drink is Mountain Dew, but love those frozen Mudslides

Got engaged Christmas Eve 2016 and married October 26, 2018, to my wife Phyllis

I have two daughters, Brittney and Rebecca.  I also have two step-children, Aaron and Amanda 

I have two dogs, both are rescues. Storm is a Black Lab/German Shepherd and Trooper is a Husky/Corgi mix

Favorite foods -Pizza and my wife’s meatballs

Favorite candy – Whatever candy enters the house

Favorite movies – There are so many, but I grew up watching Star Wars

“Expose The Moment,” located in Manchester, Hillsborough County, NH. Providing professional wedding photography in NH and photography services throughout NH, MASS and ME. A member of the “Professional Photographers America” and fully insured. Using professional cameras and equipment to be always prepared for your special day.